Bring on the Robot Pirates

I’m beginning to think that robots or pirates or maybe robot pirates would serve us better than many of the idiots who currently take up time and useful air in high-fallutin’ administrative roles around the state, particularly the misguided miscreants under the mis-hued ‘Gold Dome’ in Atlanta. Why gold? Shouldn’t it be greenish-brown, to reflect all of the bullshit that happens beneath it  at the ass end?

They go after immigration reform with shotguns — “shoot to kill,” one state representative said, and actually meant it. “Shoot to kill.” This guy isn’t the only raving dipshit in the bunch, not by a long shot. I’m beginning to believe a good many of them should have their mouths surgically grafted shut. We should not have to be continuously pelted by such brazen stupidity, stung by specs of flying fecal matter that passes for legislation.

I find it exquisitely and painfully ironic that in the same region of the country where the Scopes trial was allowed to happen (and the creationists were allowed to rule the day), the monkeys have inherited the Earth.

Isn’t it bad enough that Georgia and the South has a well-known and often well-deserved reputation as the Land of Backwards? Why do our elections seem like casting calls for a never-ending string of Dumb and Dumber sequels?

Oh, and to be sure, we the people have happily lined up at the polls to receive our pies in the face with smiles and appetites for more. Yo, bub, that ain’t chocolate cream you’re licking of your face.

(And hey, Georgia voters, I’m still trying to wrap my little brain around the fact that you voted NOT to support a statewide trauma network, but said YES to diminish your own rights as workers.)

I want robots, goddamn it – armed robots with rotten attitudes and eye patches. It would be a huge improvement, and I’d actually feel safer and Georgia’s reputation would only improve.


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