So, I’m planning to experience my first Harvest Music Festival (Oct. 13-16 in Ozark, Ark.) for several reasons.

First, my daughter Samantha is now an Arkansan and lives about two and half hours from the venue, so I intend to plop down and visit for a few days with Sam and her boyfriend Eric as they get accustomed to live in the Deep South after their few hip years in Seattle. By then, Eric surely will have scoped out the best barbecue joints.

The other reasons include the Yonder Mountain String Band (festival hosts), Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Railroad Earth and now, of course, Dirtfoot.

I really want to see Dirtfoot, and any other band that describes itself as a “front porch, whiskey swillin’, foot stomping, gypsy, punk, country, grumble, boogie band.” But since they also claim to be the only such outfit in the land, I’m especially eager for this rare opportunity.

What, you ask, is a front porch, whiskey swillin’, foot stomping, gypsy, punk, country, grumble, boogie band? I’ve already told you. Dirtfoot.

The sextet hails from Shreveport (Louisiana), and they are known for fully engaging crowds in their uproarious, acoustic, chaotic sonic shenanigans and infectious grooves, creatively manipulating a wide range of instruments – guitar, banjo, bass, drums, saxophone, xylophone, clarinet, bells, pots and/or pans, the occasional washboard, and cans of dried beans that they share with the audience.

These guys toured with Primus (one of my favorites) and they also filmed and recorded a just released live album. Live and In Prison (recorded at the Wade Correctional Institute in Northwest Louisiana) follows their first two studio albums (Entertain Me and Bone Sessions).

To me, their sound is something like New Orleans meets the Appalachians meets Fiddler on the Roof (but no fiddle – there is a kind of raucous, accordion-free klezmer-ish feel to some of their music). It’s bluegrass gone wild, and I love it.

Anyway, I suggest you check these guys out. You can start here: www.dirtfoot.com.


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