Consumer Blues

I’m a fat snake eatin’ my own tail,

And when I’m through, I’ll eat yours as well,

Gonna eat my way right down to hell,

Cause I’ll buy anything if it’s for sale.


Don’t matter if I need it, or whether I can eat it,

I feel compelled to grab it, ‘cause I just can’t kick the habit.


All I wanna have is more shit than you,

I’m a taker, not a maker, this much is true,

I’m a buyer of attire that’s shiny and new,

With a suite of i-products in cobalt blue.


Who cares where it was made, if it was made for me?

I can get at least a dozen for the cost of only three.


I’ve fallen behind in paying my dues,

But I can’t afford not to have those new shoes.

There’s so much I want, and no time to lose,

I’ve got the American consumer blues.


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