Speaking of the Kid, On Another Note …

jane joey sunsetMy family has one great super weapon in our favor. Her name is Jane. She’s the woman of immeasurable patience and grace who has stuck with my sorry mug all these years (many years, which are too few years to spend with someone like Jane). Anyone who knows her, knows all the reasons why.

But here’s something you probably don’t know, because it just happened.

Jane was honored last week with the Philip Wright Award for White County. According to the program, the awards “honor a legacy created by Mr. Wright in his strong commitment to improving the educational services for students with disabilities in the school systems located in the Pioneer RESA region. Local school districts select an individual who demonstrates the qualities exemplified by Mr. Wright of service, deep respect and regard, commitment, and advocacy so that the lives of children with disabilities are impacted in a positive manner.”

This is an award that Jane could win every year. This is an award that could easily be named for Jane Grillo.

Congratulations to my wife for being recognized by the good people in our local school system who know a force to be reckoned with when it rocks their very existence. Now I’m looking forward to shaking Philip Wright’s hand.


11 thoughts on “Speaking of the Kid, On Another Note …

  1. Way to go awards committee for recognizing all Jane has done and offers to students and families in White County. You ROCK Jane!!

  2. Proud to call all the Grillos my friends — today, most especially Jane. Well-deserved honor. Keep on kicking ass and taking names.

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