It Started 35 Years Ago Today

I wrote this three years ago about an event that happened decades ago; this version is rewritten to reflect the changing time (and the years trickle through my fingers like so much loose change …).


The human entity that is Jane-and-Jerry started 35 years ago today, right around this time in fact (it’s 7:30 a.m.), and it didn’t start on time because it was early in the morning for a family that liked to sleep in on the weekends. So Jane stood there at the front door of a sleeping Long Island house, rapping lightly.

Our dog, Whiskey, was too old to care enough to bark. She heard Jane’s soft knocking, shambled into the foyer – Jane remembers this, looking through the front door window at the old black dog – sniffed at the air, and went back to bed. A few minutes later, my sister Tonette, who lived on the ground floor, not far from the front door, let my soulmate in, and ran upstairs to wake my lazy ass up.

“There’s a girl here to see you,” she said, emphasizing the ‘you’ as if the girl had somehow gotten the wrong address.

It wasn’t supposed to be a date. A week earlier the news broke that Simon and Garfunkel were playing a free concert in Central Park. Jane, me, and the other kids on the college newspaper staff universally decided that we could not miss this historic event a mere train ride away.

We decided that we’d all meet at the Deer Park station then hop on the LIRR and party all the way into the city. That was the plan before Jane set about dismantling it.

Unbeknownst to me, she went to each of our friends and told them to do what they want, but to leave us (Jane and I) out of it.

So, it was a date, but I was the last person to know. We pulled into Penn Station, walked all over town, went to the Dakota, stood in the place where John Lennon had been shot just months before, probably cried a little; walked down 42nd street, saw my first transvestite (“You sure that wasn’t a woman?” I asked, and Jane, city wise, just patted my arm).

She had long, curly hair — Jane, not the transvestite — tied back in a single pigtail with curving strands at the end that looked like a scorpion stinger, and made her look like a trouble maker, which she most definitely was.

We enjoyed the city in the hours before the concert, establishing a pattern that has held up in our life together — long walks, long talks.

She had manipulated this. And at the twilight hour, as Mayor Ed Koch was introducing Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel to 500,000 people on the great lawn, I was falling into a spell that has held me ever since.

Sometimes I listen to the CD of that concert and feel the weight of all that has happened since that day, all of it impossible to predict for that 20-year-old young man who laid his head in the lap of that 18-year-old young woman and could not imagine or want anything beyond that place or that time or that woman’s lap.


6 thoughts on “It Started 35 Years Ago Today

  1. I find it a tad ironic that after your beautiful words about laying your head in my lap that there is a picture of a woman in a jail cell (actually, an ad for the very popular show “Orange is the New Black.” Thanks, my love, for the sweet reminder of how our wonderful and amazing journey together began.

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