Be an American

If you voted for him, and have paid close attention, and you’re truly being honest with yourself, then you know by now that it was a mistake.

It’s kind of like the old Woody Allen movie, Bananas, when the rebel leader takes over the fictitious Latin American nation to fervent fanfare. Then, he starts rattling off a bunch of insane dicta (everyone must wear their underwear on the outside of their clothes, everyone under the age of 16 is now elevated to 16, and so on). The people who supported him start regretting it immediately.

Our country made a mistake. We elected an authoritarian narcissist whose administration has created more scandal in a month than the previous administration had in eight years. But we can live and learn. We can move on. We must.

If you care even a smidgen about the U.S. Constitution, about the brave men and women who built this country on a foundation of high-minded American ideals (such as those in the First Amendment), or about the future of this country and the planet, then please do your civic duty. Resist. Eventually, you’ve got to.

We don’t take kindly to dictators or despots or tyrants in this country. We take them down. “All men are created equal.” Remember that? It’s a beautiful concept and putting it into practice has been a worthwhile and sometimes bloody struggle. It’s a work in progress … progress, which implies we’re not supposed to go backwards.

We don’t build walls like dead East Germany. We don’t restrict a free press like dead Stalinist Russia. We don’t bully other nations into mindless submission like dead Ancient Rome. Our country? We’re not an empire, and we’re not dead, in spite of what he and his well-paid shills say (loudly and often, as if that will give their lies the breath of truth). No, here in America, the land of the free and home of the brave, we’re very much alive.

So, be involved and be vocal, or don’t be. Be dispassionate and disengaged, smugly critical of those who are passionate and engaged. Or be silly and make light and whistle in the dark. Or be whatever you gotta be for now. For now.

But please, also stay as focused as you can, and listen with an honest, common-sensical ear, so that when 2018 comes around, you can make some better choices — be they Democrat or Republican or something else — in the voting booth.

Don’t give in to manufactured fear. Love your country. Don’t be a Russian colonist, and please don’t be a reality show American. Be a real American.


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