Let’s Shape the New Era

It’s like the entire country has been on an extended acid trip for the past four years. A really bad trip, filled with the most unsettling hallucinations, the kind of shit that your subconscious mind wouldn’t conjure in its darkest moments, and yet it’s all been real.

A man who had never served anything beyond his own mercenary and/or perverse whims is somehow elected president — a B-level reality TV host on par with Mama June from Honey Boo Boo infamy. It felt like a gluttonous, greedy fox had been enthusiastically chosen by a yammering faction of self-loathing chickens.

I know that I shouldn’t make too much of it or put more poison into the world (I’ve done plenty of that already), but it’s hard not to do or say something when you feel helpless, or handcuffed by national acquiescence to or support of a glaringly obvious village idiot with keys to, and control of, the kingdom. It’s hard on everyone, including those who support this dangerous fool.

I’m not the praying type, generally, but will take to bended knee when a friend requests it, for my friend’s sake. If a friend takes strength from my entreaty to an invisible power, it’s literally the least I can do, and part of that means committing to the appeal that I’ve made, a cry from the heart — something besides poison for the air.

Some good, old friends have remained loyal, or open, to the current dictator-in-chief. Some are going through desperate, heartbreaking times, some of it directly related to the president’s gross mismanagement and apathy. So it’s in that “spirit,” that I “pray.” Pray that all of us will be overcome by whatever minimal sanity or wisdom it will take to oust this administration into oblivion, and start over.

And on that score (starting over), we don’t really have a choice. Global catastrophes always change the world, whether we like it or not. This is the new era. We’re in it, and our president is only in it for himself. How is that not as clear as the pixels in front of you? For the love of Dog, we deserve so much more and it really won’t take much to shake up the existential Etch-a-Sketch and create something better as the reality that we are evolving into takes shape.

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