So my name is Jerry Grillo and this is my neglected blog. If you found it, chances are you did a search for me on Google, in which case, no, I don’t have the money, you’ll have to talk to my lawyer. Or, maybe I remembered to tell you about it on Facebook, or face to face. Put down your pencils, there won’t be a test and there is no attendance requirement, and anything useful that you derive out of this is free of charge and purely accidental. This is a work in progress, interrupted by moments of stagnancy. What is there to say? I’m older than I was yesterday, feel as young as I did the day before yesterday, but continue to make many of the same mistakes I made last week. I’ll try to do better.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Jerry~I know that I will enjoy reading your writing …….so keep the pencil and wit sharp and at hand…….

  2. Great blog love your taste in music!! Thought you might like to know what Col. Bruce’s long-time collaborator and co-founder of AARU Dr. Dan Matrazzo is doing these days…here’s a live MP3 with his backing band THE LOOTERS.

  3. Hey Jerry, I just saw a comment by someone named Jerry Grillo about a cat on facebook, on a page by Jessica Coale. My friend Amy Grant commented on it too, is that you? Do you know my friend Amy? Take care and hope the family is well.

  4. Did you write an article for Georgia Trend back in the early 2000’s about the Film Office, Jimmy Carter Smiling and Deliverance?

    I was interviewed by a really nice writer and I wondered if that might be you? My mom lost her copy and I am trying to replace it.:)

    • Hi Brenda … did I not respond??? I forget. Yes, I did write that. Please follow up with me when you can and I’ll get you a copy to replace it. Thanks!!! Jerry

      • Hi Jerry!This must be the Universe reconnecting us!Georgia Trend sent me copies. You and I spoke at length about your wonderful family, particularly your son. I mentioned my neurofeedback with Dr. Grant Bright in Gainesville.Hope all is well! Are you still at Tech?Brenda

      • Yes, of course I remember! Still at Tech, making that crazy commute a few days a week. How are things with you and your family? It’s times like these that make me trust the Universe. Jerry

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